Questions our clients frequently ask us.

Q. How would I benefit most by using your feeding system?
A. Animal health and labour efficiency.

Q. What is the best thing about feeding individually-housed calves with your rail feeder?
A. Control. If a calf fails to empty its batch you will promptly be notified on your smart device.

Q. Is it possible to reach the industry goal of having calves doubling their birth weight in 60 days?
A. Yes indeed. We have seen up to 2.5 times their birth weight in 60 days with only 8L of milk per day.

Q. Does starter intake drop if you increase milk consumption?
A. No. Increasing milk from 6L in two feedings to 8L in four feedings actually increases starter intake.

Q. Can I feed free choice milk to my animals?
A. Yes, with the stationary feeder we can feed both calves and small-animal ruminants ad lib.


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